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As the ultra-competitive health tech market continues to expand, there needs to be a way to stand out.

Input video marketing strategies for health tech: the de facto of content formats  today.

Today, I’ll walk you through 4 untapped strategies health tech brands can execute in their video marketing.

According to Cisco, 82% of traffic is in video format in 2022.

And the second most popular platform on the internet is Youtube, the world’s biggest video streaming platform with over 35 billion visitors per month.

On average, people watch 1 billion hours of youtube videos per day. For perspective, that’s more than Netflix and Facebook video combined.

In fact, the average Youtube user watches 40 minutes of Youtube per day (Comscore).

And so, leveraging video as strategy to bolster your health tech brand may be something to start thinking about.

But how?

Let’s dive in.

Video Marketing Strategies For Health Tech In 4

1. The Hook

The first 5-10 seconds of your video are imperative in helping the watcher decide whether they want to keep watching your video, or hit the dreaded ‘back’ button. 

So, avoid really long, boring introductions or background stories

(Source: Youtube)

Instead, start the video by telling the watcher exactly what they’re going to get/learn from watching the video

(Source: Youtube)

That way, you keep the reader engaged on the “what’s in it for me” factor right away.

2. Use Pattern Interrupts In Your Videos

Pattern interrupts are programming techniques used to break the patterns of thoughts or behavior.

In other words, it’s important to constantly mix things up in your video to keep the attention span of your audience.

Whether that’s switching the angle of the camera, adding animated or funny scenes, or showing statistics on the screen as you speak, changing the dynamic once every 20-30 seconds can be vital in increasing watch time.

(Source: Youtube)

Staying in one spot, with zero changes in angles, b-rolls, or other variables can be damaging to your views.

(Source: Youtube)

Ultimately, changing the video dynamic will garner a more compelling watch and help your health tech organization substantially increase watch time.

3. Brand Consistency

One of the biggest factors to consider as a health tech startup is brand consistency in your videos. This doesn’t mean that you have to always use the same background, environment, and so on.

People interview others in different locations all the time. But you do want to maintain some consistencies that stand out. 

Whether that’s your organizations tagline, quirkiness, or style of b-roll, 

building a brand identity is a sound way to help people remember your organization as the ‘go-to’ for X product.

Brian Dean has a great way of doing this with his 5 second cheesy-but-funny b-roll clips.

(Source: Youtube)

Find a way to illuminate your brand, then stay consistent in executing this strategy in all of your videos.

4. Keep Things Light

Using silly analogies, emoji’s, comedy, or drama are all great ways to improve the quality of your videos.

Whether you’re teaching an important concept or providing a solution to a pain point, inserting light humor or ‘play’ mid-video keeps things novel and interesting.

Film Booth does a fantastic job of adding a dramatic twist in nearly all of their videos. Here’s an example:

(Source: Youtube)

And depending on the topic at hand, small dramatic or comical scenes like the above help brighten up seemingly dryer topics or tactics.

So there you have it, 4 easy-to-execute untapped video strategies that will help your Health Tech brand maximize reach.



Why Suite Innovators?At Suite Innovators, we are niche focused in helping wellness technology brands build a content strategy plan that illuminates their brand from the rest. If you’re a wellness tech brand and want to explore more about how we can help you, schedule a time to talk with us below

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