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Infographic: A Full Guide To Influencer Marketing For Wellness Tech

Although the phrase “Influencer Marketing” is somewhat of a buzzword that can sometimes discern the image of an 18-year old Tik Tok girl dancing herself into more followers, the reality is that influencer marketing can be remarkably effective for Health and Wellness Tech brands that

Digital Wellness: 3 Untapped Influencer Marketing Strategies

Let’s be real, the words ‘influencer marketing’ discerns the image of a 20-something Instagram or Tik Tok  star at first glance. But the definition of influencer is much more multifaceted. According to Statista, The global influencer market has been valued at more than $16 billion

3 Ways Health Tech Can Build Strong Brand Collabs (2022)

Brand Collabs have become commonplace amongst some of the strongest organizations worldwide. There’s a reason for that. Collaboration is a sound strategy in building credibility and exposure for your brand. But how can you find the right partners to build strong brand collabs with? Let’s

Untapped Video Marketing Strategies For Health Tech (2022)

As the ultra-competitive health tech market continues to expand, there needs to be a way to stand out. Input video marketing strategies for health tech: the de facto of content formats  today. Today, I’ll walk you through 4 untapped strategies health tech brands can execute

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